Domus Meam – property management on the French Riviera

Because your house is also ours!
Domus Meam – property management on the French Riviera
Because your house is also ours!
About us
Owning a property on the French Riviera is a dream!

But this dream requires constant effort on your part.

As a property owner, you have a lot of obligations to respect, from paying taxes to completely renovating the house. Managing these obligations can be tricky when you are several thousand miles away from your second home.

Domus Meam will help you meet these and many other obligations.
Advantages of working with Domus Meam
Experience in working with demanding customers
Right on Time principle
Experience in solving diverse issues of living on the Côte d'Azur
Full accountability to the customer
We only take on what we are competent in
Individual approach
Over 8 years of experience
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Why Domus Meam to manage your property?
  • Protection of interests
    We are always on the side of our customers.
  • Unconventional solutions to issues
    If the issue is not resolved in the usual way, we will come up with a new one.
  • Saving money and the possibility of additional income for customers
    Domus Meam customers not only acquire additional time and effort, but also money.
  • Bringing it all to a close
    From the first time we solve the issue so that our clients do not have to think about it twice.
  • We are rapid and reactive
    We approach things not only reactively, but also proactively!
  • Doing business transparently
    Complete transparency in everything from major transactions, to gardener fees.
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  • Elena Faurie
    Executive Director
  • Joëlle Hosier
    Executive Assistant
  • Alexandra Kustov
    Executive Assistant
What do our customers say?
  • David and Gerry Slade
    I have been using the company Domus Meam to manage my property in cap d'Ail France. For the last two years. And can highly recommend them the service and attention to all problems. Or otherwise is all dealt with fast efficient and careful consideration. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone who has a large villa or prestigious high value property to use them, they have helped in every regard recommending an excellent garden co and electricians plumbers. And anything that is needed. Last year there was a major storm and they dealt with the insurance co and obtained a quick and substantial settlement. Elena and Joëlle are totally reliable.
    Villa Malet Cap d'Ail
  • Thomas Ranje
    As from the day I finally got the keys to my dream house, Domus Meam has been essential in the renovation and management of the property. The Domus Meam Team is very skilled and professional and I have the highest recommendation of their services! Mas des Cigales
  • Yaroslava Ozolina
    Большое спасибо Елене и команде Domus Meam за комплексную заботу о моей квартире на юге Франции. Они не только занимаются насущными вопросами: оплата различных счетов и налогов, мелкими ремонтными работами, которые время от времени необходимы при эксплуатации квартиры, но и сдачей моей квартиры в сезонную аренду. Что без моего присутствия на месте было бы просто невозможным.
    Таким образом моя квартира не "скучает", когда я уезжаю и плюсом она работает на меня. Я уверена в том, что Domus Meam поддерживает мою недвижимость в наилучшем состоянии. С удовольствием рекомендую их всем, кого знаю.
    Crystal Palace
Domus Meam is an accredited property management partner in France.
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